Sunday, September 27

Thursday, August 13

I need to update the blog.

Thursday, March 5


I guess my boys could like stranger things...
(I think Baysil is going to love this too).

Tuesday, February 17

Sick Day

Our little Hank is sick today. He's got a stuffy nose, a small fever, and I'm guessing a bad sore throat from the way his cough sounds. He woke up, drank some apple juice and was back to sleep. I hate it when my boys are sick. However, at the same time, I love the excuse to stay home all day! I'm going to bake bread and clean out my fridge. I'm NOT looking forward to cleaning the fridge. I DO enjoy grinding wheat and baking bread.

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

From us to you, Happy St. Valentine's Day! We're certainly feeling the love here. Yesterday Tyler brought home 15 white and red tulips from Pike's, along with a SUBSTANTIAL gift card to these restaurants. He 'won' the gift card at work, but really he earned it. This morning I made all the men in my life heart shaped pancakes. Hank loved it. Mack requested, "No. No pictures please." Sorry, I didn't take a picture of Tyler. He was looking TOO good and I just didn't want to share him (plus he was sportin' bed head and PJ's?).

We've got a lovely day ahead of us: Meeting up with Nathan and Amy at the Pacific Science Center to watch an IMAX. Dinner will be heart shaped meatloaf at home and then Tyler and I are going to the Orchestra. Followed by some kind of fancy restaurant dessert. Love is in the air!
(I would like to defend this cheesy post by pointing out that it is Valentine's Day, and therefore mushy, cliche posting is perfectly acceptable.)

Thursday, February 12

Who's In?

I just saw this project over at Apartment Therapy. I really want to try it. Anyone else want to give it a shot with me sometime in the near future? I have NO idea where I'd put the darn thing...

Tuesday, February 10

For the last two nights in a row, it has snowed at our house. It is snowing a little bit right now, and I LOVE it! We woke up Mack last night to play in it, and he was an absolute pill to put back to sleep. Maybe we'll try again in a few years so he's hopefully old enough to remember "that one time when my awesome parents woke me up to play in the snow".