Saturday, September 30

Remember the Alamo!

We saw the Alamo last weekend! That's right, the real deal. That's one more thing I can check off our "To See List" (right after I make the list). I vaguely remember going there as a little girl and standing out front. This was a very neat/interesting excursion for our little family, I just wish Mack was old enough to remember it. In case you didn't know, the Alamo is free. Thank you Daughters of the Republic of Texas! In one of the side courtyards there was a man telling the story of the Alamo. He was very compelling and I now feel I can relate a little better to people being so proud to be Texans. Now, I'm wondering just how Texan I am? My Great-Grandma Dot was from Texas and my Grandma Judy was born there...Mom, Dad, do you have anymore information for me?

Wednesday, September 27

Ironically, classes in Mexico are alot more difficult than in the United States. Maybe it has to do with the fact that it is taught in Spanish. I'm learning all the business lingo in Spanish...on top of the new business concepts. Well thats thats the school update. Mack is learning new things everyday. This morning he passed his binky from one and to another....which is a big deal. So. He likes to eat...he doesn't care what it is. Also I'm teaching him to be left-handed. There is a strong demand for left-handed pitchers in the major leagues so I'm doing it for him. He seems to favor his left anyways, I'm just pushing it further. He'll thank me later. Did anyone catch the Seahawks game on Sunday? It was over by the end of the first quarter. Next up: the Chicago Bears. Yeah I know what you're thinking...a good defense beats a good offense. Well think again. The 'Hawks recently signed Deion Branch to complement an already intimidating receiving corp (Burleson, Jackson and Engram). The MVP is out but keep an eye on Mo Morris. He's better with a 4 WR set and is also a better receiver than Shaun. Don't worry...the Hawhs will take 'em.

Tuesday, September 26

Mack just wanted to say:
s`dqaebbuhi89yi ijvcx jjj , , /g`vgcyyyrxefeten vgbvbggbg hrc` li0
He also decided to open up microsoft word. Yesterday he closed a 'window' for Daddy. So helpful! Can you say GENIUS?

Monday, September 25

Made chocolate chip cookies yesterday. They did NOT turn out right. The shortening here has animal fat in it. GROSS. They taste a little funny and cooked flat. At least now we know. Speaking of food, since that seems to be the theme for the day, I recently discovered and really love guan'abana yoghurt. Tyler recently discovered and loves gringo tacos.

So far Mack has eaten rice cereal, avocado, sweet potato and carrots. The avocado gave him a little bit of a bum rash, but he hasn't had problems with anything else. He eats two "meals" a day, without cuting back one bit on his nursing (which is good). Each "meal" consists of a fruit or veggie plus some cereal. We got a book called "Super Baby Food"to give us some food guidence. Good snippets from the book include lots nutritional information/references and concrete reasons for holding off on certain foods. However overall, its turned out too extreme for our family's lifestyle. For starters, there aren't many organic food stores here in Monterrey (actually I haven't seen any), we don't own a food processor, and I do not scrub down the can opener with a toothbrush after every use. The author vehemently despises canned baby food--basically because it is not organic. If I were to make Mack's food I could in never check it the way Gerber etc does. Normally, you wouldn't think twice about smashing up bananas for your baby, but in Mexico I'm worried about FUNGICIDES. Bananas have a porous skin that sucks them up. (Frankly, even produce grown stateside has me a little worried because I have NO idea what they do to it once it crosses that border.)
One more thing I've got to get off my chest: the author has NO medical credentials. She qualifies herself for the job by stating that her twins were never sick. OK...? She did a bunch of research and wrote a baby book. Heck, I could write a book about taking care of a baby, but there would be one problem...My views are bias. EVERY BABY IS DIFFERENT. Where is the baby food book about the little boy who weighed in at 10 lbs at birth and at 4 1/2 months has already grown out of a swing. Mack weighs close to 20 LBS! now. Where is THAT book? Basically, I'd like a magical book that tells me exactly what I want to hear.

  • Any info/tips for feeding bigger babies?
  • Any info/tips for getting bigger babies to sleep longer at night? Mack gets up twice to eat now and We would just love to be able to get him back down to once a night like he did before we moved.
  • Do big babies sleep more because they're big, or do they sleep less because they need more food (because they're big)?

Friday, September 22

Mom, I thought you might like this website I saw a while ago. It's called Cake Fun. There is some rolled fondant, but there's still some neat other stuff. Enjoy.

Thursday, September 21

It's About Time

Last night was a milestone for me of sorts. I sent my resume off to the University of San Diego (location of my first Master's degree) for review and correction. Well I finally got it back and it is actually looking like a professional resume. It is hard to believe that I have almost reached the end of the long, long road of my education. My resume looks full and there aren't even any embelishments...I almost can't believe its mine. So the milestone was that I finally applied to my first REAL job. It took 4 different schools and 3 different degrees but the time has finally come. The job is with the Monitor Group and the position I applied for would be in Amsterdam, Zurich or one of the 10 U.S offices. Fern is pushing for the Amsterdam option. We'll see. Don't worry though I'm not going to post about each new job application.

Mack does not like water. He won't drink it from a cup, or a sipper, or a bottle. Babies typically like stuff that their mom eats and I 'eat' a ton of water, but I guess that doesn't mean squat when it comes to water. Sometimes he can be tricked into drinking some if he's given it in something completely new, but then he figures out that its water and won't put the darn thing near his mouth EVER AGAIN.