Thursday, September 27


I've been tagged (thanks Katie!). Here are the rules:
A. List 7 habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag 7 people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

  1. People saying they'll do things and then NOT doing them really irks me. It's probably my number one pet peeve. Just say, "Sorry, I can't" or "That won't really work for me" or "I don't want to". Any of these options are better than lying.
  2. I have absolutely no problem eating an entire package of Oreos. Not just a skimpy tube from the CostCo box, I'm talking the real deal here. The entire $2.50 slash 2 for $5 package of Oreos. The trick is running them under water as you eat them a'la my Dad. To be honest, I haven't done this lately due to my pregnancy and desperate fear of heart burn, but UNknocked up--no problem!
  3. I may appear "crafty" to the untrained eye. I do sew, bake, cook, embroider, knit, and I'm working on canning) but I DO NOT SCRAPBOOK! I don't like it or any other "craft" involving paper such as making cards or stamping or anything of the like. I'd say I hate it, but my Mom taught me to try not to use that word. (I hope I didn't offend anyone, that is not my intention. You can scrapbook, just please don't ask me to participate.)
  4. I currently have a baby product obsession. Which stems from my much larger "quirk" of retaining everything I read (it's both a blessing and curse). I know WAY too much about strollers and car seats and cribs get the idea. The multitude of options and information is starting to stress me out. This is what happens when you combine nesting and a know-it-all.
  5. Giving birth again petrifies me. I am definitely more scared the second time around. Each day a silent little part of me prays that this kid will be breach and I will have to have a c-section, thus avoiding having to make the choice between an early induction or c-section myself. I have NOT forgotten the pain of giving birth. Sometimes I think my doctor is listening to an ipod or something when I talk to her, like she doesn't "get it". Sorry to scare any of you are yet to give birth (Kassey). Just remember two things: 4th degree tears are very rare and to never let anyone take your pain medication away. Do this and you'll be fine. I hope.
  6. I almost never read a book unless the author is dead. I think doing this saves me from reading a lot of junk.
  7. I'm not sure if this counts, but for some reason people seem really surprised when they find out. I don't let Mack watch TV (even though I'm practically counting the minutes until The Office premier tonight), and I'm kinda a stickler about it. Also, he will not be attending preschool outside the home, and I NEVER let him have candy (even though I consider chocolate practically the most important meal of the day).
I tag (in alphabetical order): Angela, Bethany, Jill, Mary-Anne, and Tyler (gotcha!). I tagged all of you because I think you'll have some interesting stuff to share I haven't heard about before, which will in turn make for excellent nap time reading. I also want to tag Kassey and Kerin. I know you guys don't have blogs, but I really really really think you should! So please get one! And Danna, I think it's high time you and Dave set one up as well, but I don't think you'd really do the tag thing. But if you did want to, that'd be fine too. OkaLaka.

Wednesday, September 19

All's Well That Ends.

All is well for the Thompson clan. On Monday we flew back from San Diego where I had been "teen-sitting" for my parents. They took on a nostalgic little trip down memory lane, visiting our family's old haunts in Germany. Of course, nothing has changed much since we lived there (When I asked my Dad if anything looked different he wisely pointed out to me that nothing has changed there for the past 300 years, so why start now?). I'm insanely jealous of my parents and can't wait to take Tyler back there someday and drag him around pointing everything out. He will of course pretend to be very excited and interested, because he loves me. While they were in Mohn, my folks discovered that our old landlady, Frau Schiltz had passed away back in 2002 (I just realized that my mom has been sending her Christmas letters, I wonder who got them?). Sad news for certain, but she was older and had certainly led an interesting life. But who will give the village children their daily chocolate?
"Teen-sitting" was an adventure. Menopause happens for a reason. Parents of teenagers are simply NOT meant to have a toddler and be pregnant. I don't know how my Mom handles that carpool schedule. It's insane! I spent an hour in the car every morning just getting everyone to school and seminary. Plus it's a well known fact that whenever I'm around a crisis seems to pop up. Including, but not limited too: my parents shower leaking through the ceiling into the kitchen after not being used for over a week, Georgia (the dog) breaking into the neighbor's yard Denise the Menace style, Mack bumping his face into the floor and getting so worked up he VOMITED all over me and the living room couch at the exact moment dinner was ready (don't worry he's okay). Luckily the calvary (Tyler) arrived just in time to get things back in order for my parents arrival home.
Now we're home and in the last 30 minutes Mack has asked me to read him his Dinosaur book at least 4 times. Could this be today's theme? Recent developments for Mack include the discovery that he LOVES walking backwards, walking on his tip toes with his hands behind is back, and twirling/dancing then falling down. He also sings the primary songs "Hello, Hello" and "Popcorn Popping" (no, I don't know the real name). When asked "Mack, do you want a little brother?" he firmly replies, "NO". I think we've got our work cut out for us.

How to Eat a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich:

Step #1: Separate the two pieces of bread comprising said sandwich.

Step #2: Smash jelly side of bread into your face.

Step #3: Laugh uproariously at the exquisite genius of your plan.

Step #4: Consume both parts of sandwich, grin, and wait to be hosed down.

Sunday, September 9

What I'm Cooking

This morning, before church, I threw some frozen chicken breasts, defrosted pork and fresh salsa into a crockpot. My intention was for it to come out in the end resembling something one might put into a burrito. This didn't happen. It is very watery and "soupy". I'm going to try adding some beans, tomato paste and chips. Hopefully, it will turn out somewhat resembling tortilla soup.

We had our ultrasound on Monday. Another boy for us! We got a very good look at little soon to be Master Henry Allen. Allen is my Dad's middle name and Henry is just a great boy name with an even better nickname- Hank. The ultrasound lady was a little rude. When she saw Mack she said, "So, you want a girl this time." Just like that, not even a question, a strait statement. Um, no. I want Mack to learn how to be tough and even more importantly, I want to use all of his adorable little clothes that he either never fit into, or grew out of after the first week (10lbs remember?).

Monday, September 3

Labor new favorite holiday

We celebrated Labor Day 2007 by making two unusually large purchases. The first and cheaper of the two is a new sofa. Yeah, I know it's not too exciting but to me it's great. It means that I don't have to lay on our floor to watch football. Here it is:

Our next stop was Chuck Olson Kia in Shoreline to purchase a 2007 Kia Rondo. Actually we only pulled off to look casually but an hour later we were signing on the dotted line. Interestingly, the salesman was new and not very good....Fern knew more about the Rondo than him and her negotiation skills got us a good deal. Don't worry once the price was established, I took over and closed it out. Fern and Mack can now ride in style and comfort as I continue my quest to drive the Honda into the ground but she just keeps going. Here is a look at the Rondo:

This is the exact color...."Black Cherry"

We got the gray interior.

Mack was great the whole day and approved of the Rondo.

We spent Saturday at "the ocean" celebrating my mom's birthday. Mack loved the 50 degree water and spent an hour trying to build a sand castle. Fern made my mom an apron with Mack's hand prints. Needless to say, she loved it.