Wednesday, August 22


I have until Mack finishes his breakfast to finish this post...

  • We went to Ikea on Friday and bought 3 lamps. In case you aren't as Ikea obsessed as I am (and few people are), they recently came out with their 2008 catalog and everything in it is AWESOME! Alright, maybe I'm exaggerating, a little. But we did decide that the Trofast system with drawers (new) is the perfect dresser to graduate Mack to, after his new sibling comes along and takes over his current dresser.

  • So far, we think our new ward is great. There are a bunch of young couples in it that actually like kids! Imagine that! Our last ward didn't feel quite the same. I think they saw it as a sign of weakness or something. (Mack just finished breakfast)
  • I went to Fred Myer for the 1st time on Monday and we got lost on the way home.
  • We got library cards yesterday! The last time I had a library card we lived in Provo, so its been a while. Mack LOVES it there. He was running down the aisles screaming like a little girl. Tyler was wonderful and took him outside so I could finish up. But why wouldn't he be screaming? I mean seriously, there are books everywhere! BOOKS! Only his favorite thing in the entire world. Well, that and apparently the small wire whisk he has brought me 3 times since I let him down from breakfast.
  • I have a doctor's appointment with a real doctor today. NOT at the most dangerous clinic this side of the Mississippi.

Friday, August 17

Almost Weekend Update

I realized I haven't given a solid update on here for a while so here goes. We stayed in Oakland just long enough to enjoy the Gilroy Garlic Festival and then high tailed it out of town. I flew down to San Diego, Jim (Ty's Dad) flew down to Oakland and Jim and Tyler drove up to Seattle, where they put all of our stuff in storage. Then Tyler flew down to San Diego and we all went to Kerin's wedding, which was amazing! I wish I had some pictures of it, but even if I did I wouldn't be able to post them because the camera charger has yet to be located...again. Her reception was on The Berkley, which is docked in downtown. My parents did a GREAT job putting everything together for it. Amazing food, great dancing, basically everything you could ever ask for. Plus, it was for Kerin and we all know she likes to do things BIG (including her hair and her dress). It was probably the most spectacular wedding I'll ever attend, until Kloe gets married, because let's face it, she's the baby. My mom knows how to throw a party and nothing makes my Dad happier (really any dad happier) than spoiling their little girl.
After the wedding, we stuck around for a few days so my Dad wouldn't be lonely. Kerin and Corey left on their cruise, and the rest of the family went up to Utah to live(Kassey and Will)/go to EFY(Karly, Ambrea and Kody)/drop off others at EFY(my Mom and Kloe). Ambrea is Becky's daughter. Becky is my second mom. We all lived in Germany at the same time and when we moved back to the states, they moved to Alaska, where they've been for the last 10 years. Ambrea came down for a couple weeks to visit in July/August and has promised to send me fish. Also, she's captain of her school dog sled team.
Now we're here in the great northwest, 20 minutes north of Seattle. Tyler loves his new job, especially the hours. He's gone from 5:30am to 3:00pm. I love eating dinner together, all three and a half of us, at the table. We were able to find an apartment in less then a week and now are officially almost finished moving in. Although, it doesn't seem like it since we don't have a couch anymore (sold it on craigslist before we moved). We love our new apartment! There's a fireplace, a washer and dryer, a pool, a garbage disposal, a patio and a dishwasher. I LOVE OUR DISHWASHER! I love loading it and unloading it. I love how insanely loud it is. It almost brings me to tears. I don't think I have ever been so sincerely grateful for an appliance. On a different note, we learned something this move. Don't ever buy scented garbage bags, even if they are the only ones they have in the size you need. They're disgusting. Tyler put it kindly when he said it now smells like "Vanilla ice cream with poop in it." Trust me, it's much worse.
That would bring us to the present. Mack and I have been sick the last couple of days, but I think this morning marks a turning point. Yesterday we made the short drive down to the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry dock to take a look around. This place is gorgeous! This afternoon I think we'll head to Ikea in Kent and pick up some lamps (our apartment has no overhead lighting, but it does have fans). I'm really hoping this is the beginning of things starting to settle down for us. For us that means living somewhere for at least a year. It's looking good so far. We've subscribed to the Economist and the Ensign so I think we're on the right track.
Don't forget we love visitors!

P.S. How amazing was the last Harry Potter book? Splendid!

This one goes out to all the Grandmas

Activity of choice this morning: Mack got into the bottom drawer (wonder where he learned that one from?) and got out an old bottle and a 1/tbsp measuring spoon. Now he's walking around the apartment eating something imaginary from the bottle with the spoon. I love this kid.

Thursday, August 9

Eating for Two: YES!

Pregnant. Baby number two. I get to demand, I mean request, food and pass it off as a craving. Gotta love that. What's not to love? I'll tell you what: The incredible pain I get down my leg at all hours for no descent reason. I'm about 18 weeks pregnant with 21 weeks to go. I think I'm pretty good at keeping secrets. If you happen to disagree...well just keep it to yourself because I'm pregnant which means I'm allowed to be cranky.