Sunday, January 28

It's nap time. One of my favorite times. Usually, Mack goes down for his afternoon nap at about 1pm, but on Sundays he waits until 2pm when we're home from church and he's eaten lunch. Tyler went home teaching this afternoon so it was just Mack and me. He wasn't really in the mood to nap. I could hear him singing to himself and pulling his puppy dog's tail to make music, then after a while everything was quiet. I went to check on him and this is what I found. At least he wasn't face down, which he likes to do sometimes just to keep Ty and me on our toes.This is what Mack looks like on days he REALLY doesn't want to nap. Fun... but mostly sad.

Sunday, January 21

Ha. Ha.

I think that the universe is trying to play some sort of sick joke on me. All the "words" in blogger have been translated into Spanish. Is this supposed to be funny? I don't speak Spanish. Sue me. It's not enough to be constantly reminded of it every time I leave the house or whenever I happen to actually speak to someone besides me husband, Blogger has to gang up on me too. Thanks a lot Blogger. Since Blogger Spanish isn't too complicated, it's just mildly inconvenient (which somehow makes it all mildly more annoying).
Sunday at the Thompson Casita is going well. The front half is clean, including the kitchen, we ate a good mid-day meal, Mack took a half descent afternoon nap and the playoffs are on TV. Mack officially took is first...not steps because he wasn't walking, what do you call crawling? Whatever it is he did it. He officially CRAWLED. He picked up and moved each hand and each knee. We're very proud and a very nervous. Our place here is one gigantic death trap. Sharp corners everywhere you look and fire in the middle of the room to boot. I've tried rearranging things a couple of times to make a safe zone for Mack but nothing works.
I skipped out on Church today because I am an evil and lazy person. Not. Yesterday I got this crazy idea in my head that Sunday should be a day of rest and in order to relax everything needed to be clean. Obviously this was a stupid idea because I went to move the table with our TV on it--our little, tiny, practically doll sized, purple TV--and hurt my back. Badly. I've never hurt my back before for two reasons: 1) I'm very careful every time I move (which is often) and 2) Only wimpy 60 year old women hurt their back. Grr. It's gotten better I guess because I can sit at the computer, but getting up from this chair won't be fun. Hmm, did you know "Ver blog" means view blog? I didn't. But I do now. Thank you not at all universe. I don't like being taught things without knowing about it first.
Furthermore, Mack is hilarious! Like all babies, his favorite toys are either not actual "toys" or dangerous. To illustrate this point, I present the following:

Mack's Top Toy List
1. Remote control (doesn't work thanks to drool=official toy)
2. Disposable plastic wipes container
3. Desitin tube
4. Hot Wheels car still in the packaging (a gift from a woman in our ward)
5. Paper, magazines, cardboard, etc.
6. Foam padding under our rug
7. Daddy's shoes
8. Tags (the ones attached to other toys)
9. My hair
10. Pretzel bucket (Daddy had to eat 5lbs of pretzels so Mack could play with it)
Last week was busy. We went to Texas on Friday so Tyler could take a "test" for a prospective employer. Mack and I hung out in the McAllen Memorial Library for 2 hrs while Tyler was busy in "Study Room A". Mack had a blast scooting all over their little kids rug, even looking under the edges for stuff to chew on (see #6 above). And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Left to Right: Tyler reads Harry Potter to Mack in Spanish while Mack stays busy with a little Dr. Suess. This Pic is currently our desktop background. Mack loves peeking around the corner of his fort looking for Mommy and Daddy.

Our heater, basically it's a fire in there in the middle that turns on and off at will. My mom thinks its from the 40's--she's probably right.

These pics are from earlier today. Those things on Mack's feet are the monster slippers I made for him a day or so back. We all think they're silly. The last picture is Mack crawling for the first time. AHH! Love Him!
(click any of these pictures to make them bigger)

Friday, January 12

For Your Viewing Pleasure

All of these pictures are from Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, courtesy of my sister Kassey. She does weddings...really! We got a little wild with her flash Christmas Eve while I was making the shrimp salad. My favorites has to be either my Dad in the fanny pack (he makes that thing look good), the close up of Karly, the picture of Mack right after the crying one, or the last one of him with all his presents (too many to choose just one!--pictures I mean, those presents are his Grandparents' fault).

Tuesday, January 9

Feliz Año Nuevo

Well we're Mexico. It's weird, it feels as if we never left but also that we were gone for a long time. I'm not quite sure if we're excited to be back. I guess more than anything we are excited to be almost done with school and on to the real world. Mexico is Mexico. On our drive into Monterrey we stopped at a state border crossing where they check for customs and import fees (who knows why this does not occur at the national border crossing). We'll in all the shuffle we forgot Fern and Mack's visas which did not sit well with the local authorities. After talking my way out of that situation we encountered the next problem. Cars either receive a red or green light indicating whether they need to stop for a customs check. The guard flashed us a green meaning it was okay for us to go. About a kilometer down the highway a large federal police truck flashed its lights and honked at us to pull over. I thought. "how much money do we have to bribe this guy"......we had no pesos at the time. Once stopped he explained that we needed to stop at the customs check point and stated that he flashed us a red light (which wasn't true). He escorted us back to the check point, lights flashing, and asked us to take all of our stuff out of the car....I figured he wanted to choose which item he wanted to pocket for himself. I emptied our little Honda that was jammed packed which Mack's Christmas toys proving to the guard that in fact we were not drug traffickers. I think Mack's hungry cry help things move along. In the end we made it out okay...just another run-in with the Mexican authorities.

The final countdown begins. I officially graduate in 82 days.....finally. I think I am beyond senioritis. I think the recent interviews help pass the time faster. Also, don't forget that the Seahawks travel to Soldier Field for a rematch aganist those pesky Bears in a NFC divisional playoff game. Go Hawks!!! Well, Feliz Año Nuevo.

Tony Romo handing the Seahawks a Wild Card victory.