Wednesday, February 28

Our Baby is Sick

Yesterday afternoon Mack simply would not calm down. Getting out of the house usually cheers him right up, so around six we decided to take him to H-E-B to get some bread. While we were there, I noticed he wasn't waving at of the other kids or clapping his hands for the little old ladies. Strange. On the way home he threw-up. It was not pretty. For dinner he'd eaten chicken and broccoli, and now our car and laundry room smell like chicken and broccoli vomit. His car seat was absolutely disgusting. As I went to unbuckle him I kept repeating under my breath, "You're the Mom. You're the Mom." I am the Mom. I need to be able to unbuckle my son from his chicken and broccoli vomit soaked car seat! But I couldn't do it (deep breath). I can't tell you how glad I am that Tyler was there. Have I mentioned lately what an amazing husband I snatched? Well, we eventually got Mack undressed and inside (in that order) and into his tub. Then just as we were about to put him down for the night in his fresh PJ's, vomit struck again. Of course it did! The rest of our night followed about the same pattern. Poor little guy can't seem to keep anything down. He just lies in our arms or on the floor and moans. He hasn't been able to stay asleep in his crib, but that's OK. There are basically two times he gets whatever he wants: airplane trips and sick days.

Tuesday, February 20

I should be getting ready to go to Texas. I am eating generic chocolate pop-tarts and dinking around on the internet.
Why Texas?
A couple weeks ago Tyler realized he had amassed enough frequent flyer miles for a free domestic ticket. Amazing. The system works! He managed to get all these miles simply from taking other flights. Other flights that were paid for. We didn't get any miles for all the trips we took during Tyler's internship for Skywest. Maybe all this is obvious, but I'm still so glad/thankful that he has free flight saved up. Tyler has to drive up to McAllen, TX to fly out and it really just isn't wise for Mack and I to stay here without him. I've struggled with this decision all week. Does going to to TX make me a wimp? Wouldn't we be just fine (and save a ton of money) if Mack and I stayed here? What it basically comes down to
**Mack just woke up from his nap is now eying my generic chocolate pop-tart. Don't even THINK about it kid. What a good boy he is. Mack is now sitting on the floor behind me, trapped in the front room by his playpen and a series of strategically placed baskets, playing with an empty cup.**
What it basically comes down to is the car. I won't have it unless I follow it to TX. I can't drive it back from TX because
**Mack just crawled over and tried to start chewing on my big toe. I told him it probably wouldn't do any real harm, but it's just not a good idea all the same.**
Right. So. In Mexico, if you want to drive your car some arbitrary number of miles south of the border or outside of Baja, you must register your vehicle and only the vehicle owner is then allowed to drive said vehicle. Stupid rule if you ask me. If Mack and I tried to drive back home after dropping Tyler off at the airport, we would be stopped about 45min into our trip at the Nuevo Leon state border. There, the customs agents (backed by military armored vehicles and automatic weapons pointed at us the entire time) would confiscate our visas, any cash we might have on us (about 400 pesos for tolls), and anything else they thought looked interesting- I mean suspicious -from our car, before turning us around and sending us back to TX. If Mack and I simply stayed put for 5 or 6 days while Tyler was gone we would be here without a car or any reliable way to contact anyone for help in case of an emergency.
**Had to stop typing to change Mack's diaper, nurse him, play with him (darn!) and feed him lunch. Have now packed all of Mack's things and mine. I've also double checked Tyler's bag. He is notorious for forgetting whatever it is that happens to be important to bring, but I do love him all the same.**
All I have left to do now is shower. I hate our shower, and this is no overstatement, but that is a story for another time. Wish us luck!

Saturday, February 17

Right now there is a truck outside our place selling brooms and mops for 25 pesos a pair. Good deal. This guy comes around every week or so and yells from a loud speaker about all the wonderful deals he has to offer us. A mop and a broom. A mop and a mop. A broom and a broom. A broom and a mop. Or maybe you'd just like a mop. And get this, they also sell BROOMS individually! Amazing! Anyway it's funny to Tyler and me. I took a picture with our non-digital (bad word) camera, as our fancy dancy one is still in Washington. Sad. At least the lady across the street came out to buy a broom. After the sale the guy with the truck was pleased as punch and did a little victory chant. Good for him.

A man just came to our door and offered to sell us little tables, like the ones you use to eat dinner in front of the TV. Sorry buddy, no thanks. We actually have one we bought a while ago for Tyler to use as a desk when we lived with my parents. But it looks like our upstairs neighbor (Claudia) is going to pick one up. Good for her. This sort of thing just doesn't happen in other places. Que viva Mexico!

Saturday, February 10

THIS led me to THIS which finally led me to THIS.
Oh Boy! Honestly, are these not the neatest dolls ever? They're the aniti-doll, and I love them! Granted, Mack is a boy, but I don't think there could be in harm in him having a Tickle Me Freud. Ooo, there's just too many! How's a mom to choose? But I still want more! Couldn't someone make similar dolls by the name of Nephi, Abinadi, etc? Or maybe Shaun Alexander or Micheal Savage?

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