Sunday, October 19

Almost Like Daddy

Mack's new trick is to go potty standing up.....just like daddy. To do this, he stands on his tip toes and leans over. Usually 80% of the potty makes it into the bowl. Not bad huh? Well yesterday, I came downstairs only to find Mack in the kitchen completely naked going potty in the red bucket that had been used to mop the floor only 15 minutes earlier. He exclaimed "I go potty, just like daddy!" I tried to think if I had accidentally gone potty in a bucket recently...thinking....thinking.....thinking......nope. We're still working on potty etiquette.

Friday, October 17


Like a lot of people, we watched the debate Wednesday night. I guess a couple of things they said had Mack contemplating politics the next morning, because he had Obama on the brain. He was goofing around playing with duplos as I was dressing Henry, when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, looked over and stated, "Henry Obama!"
"Henry who?" I asked.
"No. Henry O-BABY!" declared Mack, with that devilish little half grin on his face (the same one Tyler gets when he thinks he's being really clever). He was pretty proud of his little pun. But who wouldn't be? I expect great things from this kid.

Friday, October 3

Email Out Blog

Behind me right now, the boys are having snack. It's a little late because Henry took a while to fall asleep for his morning nap today. They're both eating puffed wheat and cheese. I am SO GLAD that Henry is starting to eat more of the same foods as Mack because it means I can use half as much of my brain thinking about what to feed the boys and devote that part of my brain to thinking about other things, like how dirty my stairs are...
We're looking forward to conference weekend around here. Saturday the YW are coming over to watch the morning session in their PJ's and eat cinnamon rolls. I'll count the activity a success if more than two girls come.
Blogging lately is really tough because it requires energy I simply don't possess. Lately, Mack has been a ball of energy. It could be worse. He isn't destructive or dangerous, but he is loud and in constant motion. He spent yesterday morning running from the kitchen to the living room whispering under his breath, "I'm race car, I'm a race car". Right now, he has just finished his snack and is using Henry's high chair as a jungle gym, while tickling Hank's feet with his nose. Henry is trying to kick him in the face. Also Mack has discovered the joys of going to the bathroom standing up! It has come in handy when we're downtown and he uses the public restroom, but at home there are a few issues.
At 9 months old, Henry is finally mobile! I guess you'd call it an army crawl, but really it looks more like swimming. He reaches out in front of him as far as he can (which isn't very far) and then uses his head as leverage. It's all very confusing, but it gets him where he needs to go. The swimming he reserves for short distances or "detail" work, while rolling is still his main mode of transportation. Kinda like a Hybrid. He's also becoming more chatterbox like ( he's still no chatty kathy), and is starting to push Mack away when he's doing something he does not like, such as put stickers behind his ear.
The craziest thing is how much the boys look alike! They make the same faces, have the same pudgy fat cheeks and both LIGHT UP the instant Tyler walks through the door after work. It really is hard to tell them apart in pictures and it's even freakier now that Henry is moving up a size in clothes. He has always worn Mack's hand-me-downs, but it seems like just yesterday I was storing some of these things away! Henry and Mack really are best friends and I just LOVE seeing them play together ( or watching Mack attack Henry. Depending on how you look at it).