Thursday, September 21

It's About Time

Last night was a milestone for me of sorts. I sent my resume off to the University of San Diego (location of my first Master's degree) for review and correction. Well I finally got it back and it is actually looking like a professional resume. It is hard to believe that I have almost reached the end of the long, long road of my education. My resume looks full and there aren't even any embelishments...I almost can't believe its mine. So the milestone was that I finally applied to my first REAL job. It took 4 different schools and 3 different degrees but the time has finally come. The job is with the Monitor Group and the position I applied for would be in Amsterdam, Zurich or one of the 10 U.S offices. Fern is pushing for the Amsterdam option. We'll see. Don't worry though I'm not going to post about each new job application.

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j :) said...

Tyler! I'm glad to see you bloggin'. Even if you do just post about job applications. Ha ha. Man that's got to feel good to be impressed by your own resume. Good luck with the job hunt. I think you guys should stay in the U.S. It will be much easier to visit.