Friday, December 1

Okay, But I've Only Got Time for a Quickie....

  • Yesterday we flew from San Antonio to Houston. Then from Houston to Salt Lake. Then from Salt Lake to Seattle. There was a LOT of turbulence on our first flight. Mack was an angel the entire time, he even napped well. On our first and last flight we were able to get an empty seat between us to put Mack/junk/feet on.
  • Upon entering the U.S. of A on Thursday we found our way to the nearest Jack in the Box where I ordered a Egg Nog Shake to celebrate our return to freedom (Tyler had a hamburger).
  • When we got to Seattle there was a package waiting for me from YakPak. A couple weeks ago I'd gone out on a limb and ordered both of their "specials", $15 each with free shipping. I'd completely spaced the whole thing off until Tyler's mom came into the room with box for me. Basically the specials work like this: 15 bucks gets you three random bags, you don't get to pick them AT ALL! OR 15 bucks gets you two random pairs of shoes. You tell them your size then after that's in in their hands. I can say I am very happy with the way it all worked out. One of the bags has a price tag on it for twenty dollars (the rest of the stuff doesn't have price tags but I'm sure it's worth about a gajjillion$$). If I was snazzy I guess I could resell the stuff, but I'm not so oh well! One pair of the shoes is black and the other is a "blue suede shoe" color. I'd post pictures but...
  • We forgot our camera in the car. The car is parked in front of a house belonging to a lady we met the LAST time we were in San Antonio. Also, we were supposed to leave her with a set of keys to the car in case she needed to move it. INSTEAD, Tyler accidentally took the car key off the key chain, then gave her said key chain. oops!
  • Mack has been in 6 states (and 2 countries) in six months! How's that song go? Something, something, I was born a rambling stone (or rolling stone? something like that).
  • Tyler's finals week went well. I think he's just glad it's over. He's heard back about a final grade from one of his classes already, an A! Way to go Tyler! Hip, Hip! HOORAY! Hip, Hip! HOORAY!
  • The time zone change hasn't been too bad on Mack so far. He stayed up till about 6:45 last night (8:45 Monterrey time), but then woke up and fussed at 4:30 this morning for a while til we got him out of bed. He refused to eat his breakfast unless I was holding him, and insisted he eat the pears BEFORE the oatmeal (usually it's the other way around).
  • Tyler is heating up milk for me to have "Giradelli Hot Chocolate: Double Chocolate" as I type this and it's almost done. So I guess that means I'm done.
  • I just noticed the longest bullet is about my new shoes. What can I say? I'm a female!


Bedkes said...

Fern I would love to see you and Mack, oh and I can't forget Tyler! Let me know what your plans are for the month!

j:) said...

That yak pak thing sounds cool. That sucks about the camera. I hope your car is still there when you get back and there were not problems. mmmm...Giradelli Hot Chocolate. What's that other stuff called that you sometimes give me at Christmas time? It's white and you keep it frozen like icecream and then put a scoop in hot water and it makes a really good, rich drink.

Angela said...

Fern. . .Everytime I read your blog, it makes me miss you. I feel like you keep coming so close and then I miss you completely! This past weekend I stopped by the San Diego temple and remembered the last time I was there watching you and tyler come out! Wow. . . I can't believe I still haven't seen you since before my mission! CRAZY!!

Fern said...

It's called HOT BUTTERSCOTCH!!! And I LOVE IT! I can't wait to make some in San Diego. It's a little too sweet for Tyler's family's tastes... Maybe I'll post the recipe on here.

Karly said...

Hah! too sweet!! nothing is too sweet! i'm sad for the losses that they are achieving because of this "too sweet" business!