Saturday, February 10

THIS led me to THIS which finally led me to THIS.
Oh Boy! Honestly, are these not the neatest dolls ever? They're the aniti-doll, and I love them! Granted, Mack is a boy, but I don't think there could be in harm in him having a Tickle Me Freud. Ooo, there's just too many! How's a mom to choose? But I still want more! Couldn't someone make similar dolls by the name of Nephi, Abinadi, etc? Or maybe Shaun Alexander or Micheal Savage?

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cry it out! said...

I love the eleanor one. A friend bought the Frida one and LOVES it.

Angela said...

I hope you can appreciate the anti-friend the way you can the anti-doll. Forgive my a-typical behavior. . . I miss you and want to talk to you. I was walking around campus and I had them daydream that you were here too. . in the wilk and that you were wearing you clothes with your style. I don't know why, but it popped in my head. I miss you.