Saturday, April 21

I know this sounds like a lame opening to a talk or something...but I don't know where to start, things have been so busy lately. Tyler is gone to North Carolina for training. Work is fine but he mostly just misses Mack and me (is it still sweet if I type it myself?) Mack has no idea what is going on but gets very confused in the morning when there is no Daddy around to play with. I miss Tyler a TON.
Last weekend Kerin came up with Mack and I to the Bay area to look for an apartment. We stayed with my Aunt Gail and Uncle Butch (Grandma Cope's brother). They were a hoot I say, a real riot. Both have lived in San Francisco their entire lives, but Gail cannot for the life of her give directions. Problem solved: she got in the car and told us how to get there as we went. She also told us about her 97 year old mother who lives by herself in the Marina district of San Francisco. She is sick of her window and has a pretend boyfriend named Mario who drives a convertible Mercedes. Gail always has to set a place for him at dinner. His car should be parked across the street, but he's going to be a little late.
After searching South San Francisco, San Francisco, Alameda and Oakland, I found a place. It's in Oakland and yes it's safe, so please stop asking me that. It's also 900 sq ft, which blows my mind, and $200 less than I was willing to pay. Prayers ARE answered. If everything goes well, we'll be moving in around the 5th of May.
I'm sure you all know a certain someone (Mack) has very important birthday coming up on the 3rd. It'll be his first in fact. I have a goal to find a Cozy Coupe off craigslist and turn it into something inspired by this from Rookiemoms in time for the big day. As far as projects go in general I'm working on a few other things as usual, but I don't want to spoil any surprises so I'll have to keep my mouth shut.
Sorry there are no pictures this time. I don't have a cord to hook up the camera. OH--and we had a great Easter, in Utah with the whole family. Really it was great, but just so long ago I'd feel silly writing about it now. Maybe I'll put up some pictures from it it a couple of weeks. But know this: Mack ate his first (half of a) peep. That a'boy!

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Jill said...

hello hello.
so, are you a bay area resident yet? :)
if you are (and you are settled in a little bit), i would love to make some plans to see you and meet tyler and mack.
hope all is well with you - wherever you are - and i look forward to an update on you guys. :)
have a great day!