Thursday, July 19

We're moving!

That's right. In about 12 days we'll be loading up a truck and moving to the great northwest. Tyler reached his full potential at his current job pretty quickly and decided to stick the old resume out there to see if anything bit. He's been offered a job in Seattle that has everything we're looking for. My favorite part are the fabulous new hours. While I can't wait to improve our standard of living (no more mice or bridge tolls), part of me wishes we could have just a little more time here. I love San Francisco, and there are so many things we haven't had a chance to do, though not for lack of trying. But please don't misunderstand me, I am VERY EXCITED to head up north. I love Seattle too!


cry it out! said...

Very good for you guys -- but definitely our city's loss. Still, congrats!

Mike at Cry It Out

j:) said...

wow Fern! Your life seems to be taking one turn after another. Good luck with the move. Do you have a place picked out yet? Sometimes when I fly for work I have long layovers in Seattle. Now I can have someone to hang out with!