Thursday, December 27

Henry Allen Thompson

Born on 12/27/07 @ 8:32 AM
7 lbs 9 oz---21 inches

Stay tuned for better pics...this was just a few minutes after birth!


Grandma Karen said...

I think he is absolutely perfect. Good job Fern.

Grandma Karen

Mama P said...

I am at the airport waiting to see Henry. He looks perfect! Happy everything went good! Great job mom and dad. Mack is a big brother! yea! see you soon

Anonymous said...

He looks just like me!

Grandpa P

Jessica & Jason said...

Congratulations!! He looks healthy and beautiful:) Hope you are feeling well! Happy New Year:)


Danna & David said...

Congratulations on having Henry!!! I bet you're glad he wansn't a 10-ponder like Mack.
P.S. I LOVE his middle name. I know you named him that as a tribute to my old he and I will always be connected!!

j:) said...

wow fern and tyler- Congratulations! He's cute at only a few minutes old. I like his Christmas beanie. What does Mack think of Henry?

Jill said...

congrats thompson family!
how exciting for you guys - he is adorable! :)
hope you are all doing well.
-jill :)

Bedkes said...

I am so happy for you, I'll give you some time to adjust and then we need to talk. He came on our anniversary! Yeah, congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna see that picture of kaira passed out with the boys! and one of mack burping the new baby. but these are good too. he's pretty cute
- Kassey