Tuesday, July 15

My Wonderful Wife

Did anyone out there how great Fern is? I'm sure most of you do but I thought that I'd take a few moments and tell you.

What I like most about Fern...that she is MY wife and no one else's. When I come home from work she is there to for me. Usually she tells me how great I am (which isn't usually true) and handsome I am....again not entirely true. She is hot, sexy and beautiful. I still want to see her dressed up for some sort of ball (dancing ball not the sport kind)....I guess I need to arrange that. Also, she is smart, quick and wity....all hard things to have an argument against...i still think she should go to law school.. Fern is a great mom...(i.e. Mack and Henry are awesome). She has so much patience for her boys...me included. I love her because she can laugh, smile and just chill all with me. Her smile is great and when she says also...it is really "aso"...no "l". But its cute. She has quirks like we all do...but hers are cute. She blows her nose until its raw, she loves to garden even if there is not room for a garden, she insists on using a small spoon with certain things....i always question it, but secretly I love it. She lets me watch sports...lots of sports and she doesn't make fun of me when I like to watch Project Runway and that dancing show on Fox (8pm....9p Central on Wednesdays). She helps me no matter what and I love her more each day.....I Love you.


Mama P said...

It's nice to read our son-in-law loves his wife the way he should, not that we didn't already know it, it's just nice to read. She is pretty amazing and we love her too.

Bedkes said...

I love Fern too, and I knew you were the perfect guy for her at school and now every body else can see why, because you are such a good husband to my friend! You are right she should go to law school, if she weren't so busy popping out handsome boys!!! The boys are to cute to stop now!

Grandma Karen said...

It's great to see how a wonderful son treat's loves and appreciates his wife. Wish I had one like that! Oh! I do...You

Love Mom T

Zinna said...

Keep up the good work.