Saturday, September 20

Thompson 101

I was just emailed these pictures of Henry from when we participated in his latest 'round of research'. This was a different type of ERP for a speech study. One with the Binky and one without. There's a good reason the hand in his mouth: He's currently working on THREE teeth at once. Oy vey! He's got one tooth on the bottom, with the other one just cutting through and the two on the top are neck in neck. My poor boy is quite cranky lately and if you try to massage his gums he screams bloody murder.
Henry is rolling around everywhere and loves playing with all of Mack's toys. Mack doesn't mind sharing, but he still takes every thing away from Hank because he doesn't think it's safe for him to play with his toys. I usually end up having to put out a little mat we call "Henry's Area". Mack (for the most part) knows he isn't allowed on it and which translates to him being unable to torture his little brother too much. Mack started swimming lessons two weeks ago and is doing pretty well. His class is twice a week in the evening, so Ty and I get to rotate who takes him. I think he has more fun with his Daddy, but Tyler swears I'm the better teacher. Mack has learned to go 'under the water' no sweat, but needs a little encouragement in the 'blowing bubbles area'. He pretends to swim around the living room by reaching with his arms, but his favorite part of swim class is kicking the water and splashing the other kids and parents.
If you want to know some of what Ty and I have been up to, it might be best to read my friend Amy's blog. I swear she posts better about what we've been doing (see SHREK and JET CITY). Amy and I are also taking an Egyptian Belly Dancing class on Monday nights, which is a BLAST! Our teacher, Rishi, is great and we had a lot of fun at Pikes buying our hip scarves for class. Ty is doing well at work and was recently "promoted". The boys and I love going downtown to meet up with him durring the day once a week or so. Mack sincerly loves Seattle! He can name all of the major landmarks of the area and Tyler is working on teaching him more geography (he can--usually--point out WA and CA on a map, along with San Diego and Seattle). Yesterday he taught him the capital of WA. He's also quite the little politico and can point out both Barry Obama and John McCain in a crowd.
It's raining here today, and I have to admit, I'm quite excited about it. I can't wait for Halloween and the start of the Holiday Season. Mack changes his mind daily about what he wants to be for Halloween. This morning he wants to be Tarzan (which is what I call his little duplo man that came with his duplo dinosaur set). A couple days ago he wanted to be a 'couch man' that 'flies on the ceiling'. You can't make this stuff up. Henry is going to use the pumpkin costume I made for Mack's first Halloween when we lived in Monterrey.
Today, we're hoping to pick apples, or at the very least eat some pie. Wish us luck!


Karly ( the favorite sister ) said...

ah, im extremely jealous of you, out there having a blast. sniff sniff. :] cant wait to see you at christmas!! make sure mack brings his swimsuit so he can show off his moves. and maybe bottle up some rain and send it our way? please? :]

Mama P said...

Thanks for the up date. Hank looks so much like Mack! He is getting so big. Enjoy the changing leaves and the wonderful rain. Love you all