Friday, October 17


Like a lot of people, we watched the debate Wednesday night. I guess a couple of things they said had Mack contemplating politics the next morning, because he had Obama on the brain. He was goofing around playing with duplos as I was dressing Henry, when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, looked over and stated, "Henry Obama!"
"Henry who?" I asked.
"No. Henry O-BABY!" declared Mack, with that devilish little half grin on his face (the same one Tyler gets when he thinks he's being really clever). He was pretty proud of his little pun. But who wouldn't be? I expect great things from this kid.


Karly said...

as long as he doesnt start saying "vote for obama" that's adorable :]

will i am said...
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Bedkes said...

He seems so clever for such a young boy! He is so cute!