Friday, November 10

You asked for it...

Here are some pictures I took of Mack yesterday. He's not doing anything especially spectacular except being spectacular in general.


Anonymous said...

Mack looks great...but I sense he still has a little empty space in his heart for his grandpa in California. I know he may seem totally happy and well-adjusted but sometimes we suppress all our true emotions, especially when we're between 5 and 7 months old. I'm pretty sure that's what they told us in junior year psychiatry.

Love, Grandpa

Shauna said...

He's got long toes! Well, maybe they just look long compared to my kid's stubby toes. His percentile rankings are the same as Glenn's were at his last appt. Those two might be good buds...if they weren't thousands of miles apart, I mean.

What a cute little guy you have!