Monday, March 19

Happy St. Patrick's Day...sorta

These pictures are a little late. Busy little bees are we, with the move and all. I'm going to try my best to put these in order, but I make no promises.A week (or so) ago we went to Saltillo. It's a smallish city west of Monterrey with a very old cathedral among other things. They're famous for their serapes. We picked one up at the local government-run market. On our way there we noticed a military checkpoint across the hwy headed back toward Monterrey (across the state lines). We got nervous thinking they might be checking visas. Thankfully--since we'd forgotten ours--the checkpoint was closed (or open, depending on how you look at it, anyway they weren't 'checking' anymore) by the time we headed back.What would St. Patrick's Day be without an entire coordinating wardrobe for the entire day? Yeah, right. I wish I had things that together. As a complete coincidence, I finished all these projects earlier in the week and just happened to have Mack wear them for St. Patrick's. Everything except the shorts, which are way too big and just for Sundays. I made them out of a pair of Tyler's old slacks. Pretty thrifty if I do say so myself.

It's the little man himself! A willing model as usual. Oh gosh, he's cute!
I don't really know what to say about this picture, it seems fairly obvious. Baseball shoes. I made them to test out a new pattern before I made some leather ones with it. You can find the link to the pattern in the sidebar. What I like most about this pattern is that it comes in different sizes, from 0 all the way up to a children's 13.
This picture is from earlier this evening. Tyler put Mack in his old bouncy seat for kicks and Mack LOVED it. Silly guy. He would grab the bar and bounce himself around.For the past two days he's been sticking his tongue out more than usual. I think he probably means he's a genius. He thinks looking out the window is the greatest thing ever. Frankly, I get a little nervous that someone might see him and try to kidnap our gorgeous little blond baby.Last one I swear. Remember when Tyler was gone and I said I was going to make Mack some sandals? Well, I did it. They're the brown ones. I still get frustrated just looking at them. They're absolutely perfect in every way, but they're too big. I'm selling them for $20 if anyone is interested. I make things too big all the time and it doesn't bug me at all, but for some reason these shoes are driving me nuts. I made the khaki/green ones tonight after Mack went to sleep. I tried them on him and they fit! Hooray!


Keri said...

Hi Fern,
I was so excited to have you check out the blog! Does that make me even more nerdy than I think I already am?
Anyway, great blog... Mack is soooo cute (and big!) and you are so talented! I love the sandals - I can't believe you made them. What size would you say the browns ones are? Mack's feet are probably bigger than Luca's, but Luca does have big feet.
Anyway, e-mail me and let me know!

Grammy said...

We are counting the days! mack is as cute as they come, but you already knew that. Everything looks great, you are your grandma Copes girl.
love you mom