Tuesday, March 13


Well the system actually works...you go to school and you get a job. That is my past 5 years in a nutshell. I was offered a position in San Francisco with a company called Sageworks Inc. Of all the jobs I sought recently, this was definitely at the top of the list. The company is based in Raleigh, NC so I will be traveling back and forth as I go through the training period. Last week the company flew me out to SF to see the office and have an in-person interview. Apparently they liked what they saw and offered me the position the next day. As the countdown indicates below, I graduate in two weeks . I begin work on April 16th. Until then Fern and I will be looking for a place to live. We have set up various criteria for the location and apartment features we desire. We'll keep you posted. I think Fern deserves a lot a credit for putting up with my crazy ideas, like moving to Mexico with a newborn baby. Thanks Ferny, I luv ya. Well enough of that..............As the wise Notorious B.I.G. once declared, "we're goin back to Cali!"

Oh yeah.....CONGRATS to Kyle (Fern's brother)----he's going to Pittsburgh, PA on his mission! Atta kid.


cry it out! said...

holy sweet lord -- what a cute kid!

Drop me a line if I can help at all with san francisco neighborhood info -- and congrats!

j:) said...

whaaa hoooo! Nice job Tyler :) SF is going to be a blast.

Angela said...

wow. WOOO HOO! I think both you and Fern deserve some serious credit. That is amazing! San Fransicso? And Raliegh? That's like my next door neighbor-- if you ever need anything in NC just give me a call and my parents will hook you up. Congrats little Thompson family! love, ang

Angela said...
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