Monday, September 3

Labor new favorite holiday

We celebrated Labor Day 2007 by making two unusually large purchases. The first and cheaper of the two is a new sofa. Yeah, I know it's not too exciting but to me it's great. It means that I don't have to lay on our floor to watch football. Here it is:

Our next stop was Chuck Olson Kia in Shoreline to purchase a 2007 Kia Rondo. Actually we only pulled off to look casually but an hour later we were signing on the dotted line. Interestingly, the salesman was new and not very good....Fern knew more about the Rondo than him and her negotiation skills got us a good deal. Don't worry once the price was established, I took over and closed it out. Fern and Mack can now ride in style and comfort as I continue my quest to drive the Honda into the ground but she just keeps going. Here is a look at the Rondo:

This is the exact color...."Black Cherry"

We got the gray interior.

Mack was great the whole day and approved of the Rondo.

We spent Saturday at "the ocean" celebrating my mom's birthday. Mack loved the 50 degree water and spent an hour trying to build a sand castle. Fern made my mom an apron with Mack's hand prints. Needless to say, she loved it.


j:) said...

cool purchases!! Mack looks cute.

Karly said...

look at my little man!!! what a gorgeous boy!!! i cant wait till u get here :]

Bedkes said...

Hi Fern! Sorry I haven't returned your call yet, I don't really have to much time right now to talk on the phone between the two kids. Hopefully this weekend I can give you a call. You two had an expensive weekend! By the way Mack is just way too cute, I know you already know that.(:

Bedkes said...

Fern, of course you can come, in fact I would be offended if you didn't! I can't wait to see you and Mack. I think Blake and him will have a fabulous time together! Call me when you are coming or on Sunday. I am so excited!