Wednesday, September 19

All's Well That Ends.

All is well for the Thompson clan. On Monday we flew back from San Diego where I had been "teen-sitting" for my parents. They took on a nostalgic little trip down memory lane, visiting our family's old haunts in Germany. Of course, nothing has changed much since we lived there (When I asked my Dad if anything looked different he wisely pointed out to me that nothing has changed there for the past 300 years, so why start now?). I'm insanely jealous of my parents and can't wait to take Tyler back there someday and drag him around pointing everything out. He will of course pretend to be very excited and interested, because he loves me. While they were in Mohn, my folks discovered that our old landlady, Frau Schiltz had passed away back in 2002 (I just realized that my mom has been sending her Christmas letters, I wonder who got them?). Sad news for certain, but she was older and had certainly led an interesting life. But who will give the village children their daily chocolate?
"Teen-sitting" was an adventure. Menopause happens for a reason. Parents of teenagers are simply NOT meant to have a toddler and be pregnant. I don't know how my Mom handles that carpool schedule. It's insane! I spent an hour in the car every morning just getting everyone to school and seminary. Plus it's a well known fact that whenever I'm around a crisis seems to pop up. Including, but not limited too: my parents shower leaking through the ceiling into the kitchen after not being used for over a week, Georgia (the dog) breaking into the neighbor's yard Denise the Menace style, Mack bumping his face into the floor and getting so worked up he VOMITED all over me and the living room couch at the exact moment dinner was ready (don't worry he's okay). Luckily the calvary (Tyler) arrived just in time to get things back in order for my parents arrival home.
Now we're home and in the last 30 minutes Mack has asked me to read him his Dinosaur book at least 4 times. Could this be today's theme? Recent developments for Mack include the discovery that he LOVES walking backwards, walking on his tip toes with his hands behind is back, and twirling/dancing then falling down. He also sings the primary songs "Hello, Hello" and "Popcorn Popping" (no, I don't know the real name). When asked "Mack, do you want a little brother?" he firmly replies, "NO". I think we've got our work cut out for us.

How to Eat a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich:

Step #1: Separate the two pieces of bread comprising said sandwich.

Step #2: Smash jelly side of bread into your face.

Step #3: Laugh uproariously at the exquisite genius of your plan.

Step #4: Consume both parts of sandwich, grin, and wait to be hosed down.


Angela said...

THis was the funniest post ever!! HA! I can't wait to see you and the clan in Seattle!

Grammy said...

I love the pictures.What a handsome boy, Jelly and all! love ya

j:) said...

teen sitting sounds...interesting. I might have to try that method of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
my lunch breaks are getting monotonous.

kloe said...

Hes the cutest thing ever

Jessica feely said...

I think I have pictures like that somewhere of me as a kid...good times:)