Wednesday, October 31

Noche de Brujos

We took these pictures before Karen's annual Halloween Party about a week and a half ago. Mack decided to go as Pancho Villa, the Mexican Revolutionary general. I find the resemblance somewhat remarkable. Please note the mustache and bullets.

Mack won the Halloween Bingo contest and the award (puzzle) for "Happiest Pumpkin". Here he is enjoying his plunder, and yes that is my belly on the left.

The rest of these are simply pictures to appease the masses. "The Masses" being my family, both literally and figuratively).

Our little dare devil. Bet you didn't know Little Tikes tricycles could be so 'hard-core'. Don't feel bad, it's sorta an underground sport. Y'know, very minimalist, no brakes, no pedals, that sorta thing.

We've got the "Time Out" thing down. Now how do I convince him it's a bad thing?

Tyler found Mack enjoying the latest edition of U.S. News and World Report (No, we don't really like this magazine, but it's on the recommended reading list for the Foreign Service) with a nice snack of peas. The floor is a mess. Things are a mess in a lot of these pictures, but we refuse to vacuum more than once a day.

These pics are from The Seattle Center when Kassey and Will came to visit. I love these pictures! There really isn't much I can add to that.

And these are from our day in Vancouver, B.C. (not Washington). It is on this day, Mack discovered Seagulls, and the wonderful noise they make. He calls them "Birdy" and mimics them with an "EEEk, EEk!"

Happy Halloween everyone. Consider these pictures my treat to you for visiting our blog. And if you don't consider these pictures a treat, then I'm really not sure why you come to our blog in the first place...


Anonymous said...

Nice pics...did you notice the other positive comment I left with the Kings, too?

Dad P

Caitlin Herrmann said...

Mack is adorable! You are so lucky! I love the costum!

Karly said...

HA! mack is beautiful! (happy?)

William Brian said...

this guy is king of the world! i think he loves his costume...