Tuesday, November 6

Mom, what about something like one of these?...


mom said...

I love the top one and I think Grandma Cope had that dress. It might be a hard patteren to find. Thanks, love ya

kiss my boy

Katie said...

Thanks for posting comments on my blog - it makes me feel loved :-) I'm SOOOOO ready for a new post about your cute, cute little boy!

j:) said...

Hi Fern,

I don't know what those dresses are for, and due to the fact that the post was addressed to your mom, I'm probably not supposed to - but if you're secretly making me one for Christmas I like the top one best ;)

Anyways, I really just wanted to say hi and see how you and Tyler are doing. I love the pictures of Mack, but would also like to see some of you and Tyler some time!!