Wednesday, October 18

To Market, To Market

These are some of the pictures my mom took while she was here. Tyler had the presence of mind to download them before she left, thank goodness. The first picture is of some children at the market we caught licking the sugar off their wax Dia de Muertos skulls. Next, is a picture of Mack and the nice woman from Oaxaca. We bought Mack a traditional Mexican outfit from her, and my mom bought an embroidered dress (you know the kind!). I thought that perhaps the sight of Mack might entice her to give us a discount and it worked! We've had to start covering Mack with the stroller canopy or making him wear a hat when we're in public because of all the attention he was getting. Apparently there is a tradition/superstition here that if you see a baby you think is cute and don't touch their head, the baby will get sick. The woman at the market LOVED Mack! In this picture she is tying a good luck trinket (black with a Mexican man and woman on each end) she gave him onto his wrist. In the last two pictures Mack is wearing the outfit we got him with and without the poncho. It's a size two (children are much shorter here) so it's still too big, but should fit him perfectly by Christmas.

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