Thursday, October 12

"Chévere" no significa nada en México

We finally feel that we have moved into our apartment. A visit by the missionaries for dinner pretty much sealed the deal. We had Elder Simmons from Winston-Salem, NC and Elder Alvarez from Mexico City over for dinner. I had to slave over a hot stove for hours....actually that's not true at all; I ordered pizza from Domino's. There's nothing more Mexican than pizza. Well at least the American missionary enjoyed it.
In other news Mack is now a celebrity. Fern submitted an idea to and they loved it so much that they included a picture of Mack and the brilliant idea on their website. Go to Let's hope Mack doesn't decide to be a male supermodel now. I don't know how I'd feel about that.
School has hit full stride now which means that I have no life. I have to actually use a daily planner...which is kinda girly I know but I have no choice. Between meetings, classes, projects and homework I am left with just enough time to eat, sleep and hang out with Mack. Poor Fern, she supports me despite my frequent absence. Also I am still trying to pump out the resumes. My new goal is to apply to a different company each day...this may sound easy to the untrained ear but each company has separate requirements. The Amsterdam Monitor office even wanted my high school transcripts. I can hardly even remember that far back. Today I filled out two applications for strategic consultant positions with IBM. The jobs are in NYC and DC. At this point (tired of school) I am willing to live just about anywhere that is close to an ocean and a major sports franchise. But the company and Fern may have something different in mind. Lo que yo quisiera hacer de verdad es empezar mi carrera fuera de los E.E.U.U. tal vez en Europa o Asia pero siento que la decision cae totalmente sobre las empresas. Ellas indicaran el lugar donde nos tocara vivir. Escucho que para un recien egregado de la escuela de negocios es muy provechoso comenzar el empleo en una compania de consultas. De esta manera se puede ser capacitado en muchas industrias no solo en una. Algunos dicen que el trabajar en una consulteria es la mejor forma de aplicar lo que se habia aprendido en durante los estudios de la maestria. Bueno escribo en espanol solo para practicarlo no para que la mayoria de los lectores no puedan entenderlo. Les agradezco su paciencia y disculpen la falta de acentos, no tengo como ponerlos.
Oh yeah, Fern's mom is en route to beautiful Monterrey, Mexico. I have a sneaking suspicion that she is coming with the sole purpose of seeing Mack. But I'm still excited to she her.


Grandpa Kim said...

Hey Tyler:

What does all that spanish stuff say?

And thanks for picking up Grandma at the airport so late...


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way to go rookie mom! my email is